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Billie Welcomes you and hopes you enjoy his music and you spread the word.


Billie McDonald started his music career on the streets of Salina, Kansas with a refurbished guitar that he got from his dad Homer McDonald. Homer wrote all of his own music almost everywhere he went.

In 1963 Billie took his first professional job playing bass with a country band for $15 dollars a week.

After moving to Oskaloosa, Kansas in 1964, Billie and his brother Cleo started their own band called the Fabulous Cadavers. They played Beatles music and some originals they put together.

Billie got side tracked with the military during the Vietnam Era, but later in the mid 80's Billie again started working on his musical career as a solo artist. He at that time put together what he calls his original 8 songs of the 80's.

Today Billie is retired but wanting to really get his music career going strong again.

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