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Discography is the study and listing of sound recordings. This portmanteau word stems from:
  1. the gramophone record, often called a "disc", the dominant commercial medium of sound recording for most of the 20th century
  2. the -graph suffix signifying something written (see also autobiography, graphology and so on).
A listing of all recordings which a musician or singer features on can be called their "discography" . Additionally, discographies may be compiled based on a particular musical genre or record label, etc.

The term "discography" was popularized in the 1930s by collectors of jazz records. Jazz fans did research and self published discographies about when jazz records were made and what musicians were on the records, as record companies did not commonly include that information on/with the records at that time.

From the age of 5 under the watchful eye of Homer McDonald, Billie's father he learned to play the guitar.  By the age of 15 he played a refurbished guitar his father gave him on the streets of Salina, Kansas.  Also in his youth his  parents sent him the learn to play the accordion. He also learned to play the bugle and did for a time in the Drum and Bugle Corps for the Optimist Club there in Salina.

     In 1961 Billie's family moved to Oskaloosa, Kansas.  He continued playing music all about the town.  He tutored his brother Cleo in playing the guitar.  They entered a contest  in Oskaloosa, Kansas called Old Settlers Festival, at which they won the first prize.  It was at that time Billie was offered a job playing bass guitar in a country western band in Arrington , Kansas on weekends for $15 a week.  He played with that band till the club closed in 1963.
     After the club in Arrington closed  Billie and Cleo decided to start their own band named the Fabulous Cadavers with 2 other boys from Topeka, Buddy Nunamaker on the drums and Rick Williams on the bass bass.  Billie played lead guitar and Cleo played rhythm guitar.  They played in a lot of the small towns there in the Northeast part of Kansas around Oskaloosa.  Cleo and his older brother Ronald also have played professionally.
     In 1965 Billie went to college at Kansas State College where he played in the college band.  In 1966 Billie was drafted into the army but turned around but opted instead to volunteer into the Navy.  While in training he played in a band at Navel Air Station at Miramar, California.  It was while there he met a girl he had lived across the street from in Salina as a boy.  It wasn't long the he and Luana got married.

     After getting out of the service Billie worked and wrote music and kept to himself for many years.   In 1975 He and Luana moved back to Kansas.

     In the mid 80's Billie wrote and copyrighted his first works, a collection of 8 songs.  You can hear them on the Listen page.  He worked a farm but in his spare time he continued to write music and he  also started a company named Sights and Sounds Productions intending to represent other musicians and talented people.
     Also during this time Billie started getting interested in the keyboard.  He recorded all his songs on video tape and 4 track stereo.  There where such works as "The Code", "Free water", "Why did you throw me away" and "A moment of time".

     In 1999 Billie bought his first digital equipment and started re-recording his music digitally.

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